Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Callie's Preschool Program

We had Callie's preschool program last night.  She was sooooo excited about it. First, she FINALLY got to wear this beautiful dress that Townsend family had handed down to us. She has been begging to wear it.  She felt beautiful, elegant and like a REAL princess (her words!!!).  

She informed all of us that she would sing nice and loud so we could hear her and do all of the actions just right.  And if we all sat nice and watch the whole thing (it is REALLY LONG), then we can all have a cookie!  We laughed because, of course, we came for the cookies! Well, honestly, Conner probably came for the cookies, but the rest of us wouldn't have missed this for the world!

Callie is probably going to go to public preschool next year. We haven't gotten an acceptance letter, but she should get in. So this is our one chance to see her sing in a little program like this (At least from a Christian perspective). For some reason, I could not get the video to upload to blogger, but I put a couple of our more favorite songs below. You just have to click on them to watch the video.

Fun things to note:  She messes up in the one song and her reaction is adorable if I do say so. Secondly, she is very concerned about what everyone is doing and that Charlie is not singing. However, we were very worried that poor Charlie was going to get hurt with Callie's great enthusiasm a couple of times!

 Well, we discovered that Callie didn't know people would clap for them and, well, she liked that. Look at her face expressing her joy over people clapping... OH MY!!!!

It was a very fun night and Callie said, "I like singing in front of people, Mommy, but it would be better if I could dance." I think I see some dance recitals in our future.
It was also fun to reminisce about Conner and Kyle in these programs since they went to the same preschool. Conner resembled little Charlie just standing there. Kyle, well, let's just say we could hear every single word and he was doing his own thing off to the side, yep, he was that one.. He sure didn't lack enthusiasm. It is fun to tease him now about it and, luckily, he is a good sport!   

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kyle turns 12!

It is our last year before being parents of a teenager. We have so enjoyed age 11 with Kyle.  We knew with the job situation that we needed to keep this birthday very reasonable.  When we asked Kyle what he wanted and all he asked for was a party with his friends.  Not once did he act disappointed that he didn't get some grand fancy party. 
Kyle had a tough 5th grade year in the friendship department. We prayed so hard as a family for some solid friendships and wow...God delivered.  Kyle has a small circle of friends that Jim and I adore. They are such nice boys. 
We talked to Grandma and Grandpa and they offered to host a party for him at their house. Honestly, it was such a great night. The boys were just thrilled to be there. There were great moans when it was over. They played xbox, playstation, pool, air hockey and some serious nerf gun wars!  We had lots of Kyle's favorite foods.  In fact, the boys are already begging Kyle to have an "unbirthday" party!

Just to highlight what nice young men these are. First, they included Conner all night without any hesitation and for some chunk of the night... Callie too! Second, when it was time for gifts, they were almost giddy to share what they picked out for Kyle.   They were so generous and thoughtful.  Not that they needed to give him things by any means, but it showed how well they knew him and wanted to share their gifts with him. 

 Then on his birthday, we had the traditional sprinkle pancakes and sent him off to school!

Then we splurged and tried out the new Culvers for supper.  Again it was nice of Kyle to not have high expectations knowing the budget was tight. He was simply thrilled with the small stuff.

This led to the best part of the night.  Kyle has wanted a Jurassic Park video game that they no longer make.  He has been saving but they are expensive on ebay or amazon used. Jim pursued ebay for several weeks and happened upon a deal that we could afford on the game.  So we were able to end his birthday with a really big surprise.  His reaction was just PRICELESS!!!!! 

More than anything we are proud of the young man he is coming.  He isn't perfect, but he is making wise choices in friends, excelling in school, learning to maneuver new situations, exploring his faith, continuing to be an amazing big brother, discovering what interests him (Dinosaurs, History, Football, Minecrafts, and hanging with his Buddies), and still a mama's boy.  
Seriously, the day when he no longer wants me to come along on youth group trips is going to be a sad sad day!
Happy happy day Kyle!

An Update and Sanibel

2014 hasn't gone as we expected.  Winter was horrendous, something like 45 days below zero.  On top of that, Jim was laid off in January after a fun weekend to visit friends. God has provided for us, but it certainly has been overwhelming at times.  We still aren't sure what God has in store for us.

We had planned a Spring Break trip to Sanibel and weren't sure we would be able to still do that but we desperately needed the break. Jim had given plasma over the past year to cover the gas and we could stay in Jim's parents condo.  So we packed food to eat on the way and while at the condo, drove 24 hours and made it work! 

The weather was beautiful, the kids well behaved, and we were just so thankful to get a break from the stress.  It was for all of us to introduce Callie to Sanibel and so many other things! Their joy at playing outside and experiencing some new adventures was so wonderful. Honestly, even the drive was fun.. it was just so nice to be warm and away from the stress of day to day. 

Here is a link to pictures from the trip on my shutterfly account:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I missed Halloween!

I missed it on this blog, obviously, and I missed it in person. I was actually gone for a conference so my Mom came and helped Jim do it without me.  However, I didn't want to miss at least documenting this.
In this new season of life of a middle schooler (all except school because our 6th graders are still in the elementary school), 3rd grader and a preschooler has been a bit of an adjustment.  Managing all the activities, the busyness of my work and Jim's work, along with more sports, and more activities with friends has kept me a little crazy. However, this season of life has been such a blessing for my children that I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I am just not getting it documented like I would like...
 Mad Scientist - one of my coworkers made him a name badge with his name, picture and everything on it along with barcode. It was pretty cool!
 My knight!
And a group shot (with Sam..Kyle's buddy who we love having join us in the fun)..sorry its sideways, it isn't on the computer but oh well.
This was the first year that Kyle did not trick or treat with us. He went with friends.  Bittersweet to have him grow up, but I am on my knees thankful that he has friends (and quality ones at that!).

Christmas Cookie Baking

On the Monday before Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies. I was feeling a little off due to some issues with my teeth (involving a few trips to see my father in law and more to come), but wanted the kids to enjoy this.  My mom was here which was great for her since she wouldn't do this just for herself and gave me an extra hand.
The kids are getting older too which means they can do more on their own.  These cookies weren't for anyone besides us so I didn't really care how they turned out  It really turned out to be a fun memory for us.

 Now I must explain the picture below... Kyle rolled all his own cookies and had a few issues with not enough flour and sticking to the rolling pin etc.  Well, when we was getting his cookies off his tray after baking...he says.. ummm Mom?.. I walk over and see him looking very perplexed and trying not to giggle....
 Check out his cookie.  Well, appropriate or not, I burst out laughing and said we gotta take a picture of that.  Oh did we laugh and tease Kyle about making inappropriate cookies!  This cookie now is appropriately covered but no one seems to want to eat her, lol!

 Just love this picture of my Mom.