Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Conner's Animal Project- Hammerhead Shark

Conner recently completed his first school project. In 3rd grade the kids usually do animal reports where they do research and prepare a report and display for an animal. Conner chose the Hammerhead Shark.
 Conner and Daddy spent quite a bit of time making a model of the animal. I thought they did a pretty job!
 Conner wrote the report at school and made the board to go along with it. Then on Animal Report day, you walked around and each child read you their report about their animal!
Sorry this one is sideways, but I had to share because the story behind it is sweet. There was a mix up in communication so I wasn't a 100% sure I was going to be able to get to school to see Conner's report. He was pretty disappointed so Kyle asked his teacher if he could be excused from class for a few minutes and go. I was able to go and when I arrived, Kyle was at Conner's station listening intently and asking him all kinds of questions.... Truly it warmed a mama's heart.

Kyle is almost done with his 6th grade year and while I am thrilled for him to go to Junior High. I think he is ready for the challenge and all of the experiences, my heart is sad because these two won't ever be go to school (at the same school) together again after this year.  :( Conner won't admit it, but he adores his older brother and they have had so many experiences together.  Lots of new things to look forward to, but some sadness on this one too.

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