Wednesday, May 14, 2014

McDonald's Honorary Crew Member

All of the sixth graders at Kyle's school participated in McDonald's Honorary Crew Member program this month. They had to fill out a job application (volunteer experiences worked as experience), write a cover letter, and call people to ask them to be references for them.  Then McDonalds selected two students from each class from those applications and they got to go work at McDonalds for two hours. They were paid with free supper of their choice.
Anyway, Kyle got picked. I think it was his experience working UNI Concessions and volunteering at church that helped him. He worked pretty hard on his cover letter too. Anyway, he was super excited about it.  Honestly, it was so cute and McDonalds was so accommodating. They didn't mind us parents all taking pictures etc!
Here are some fun pictures of Kyle and his experience.

Taking our supper order. He even had to do his Dad and brother's ketchup only request on the burgers!

 He also got to work in the drive up window filling orders.  Atleast while we were there, he was doing a good job of following orders and almost could run the register on his own, lol!
 All three kids from his school!
 Grandpa was able to stop by so here is Kyle taking Grandpa's order too!
He got to keep his nametag, a certificate, and some other fun trinkets too. 

Truly it was such a great experience practical life experience for him!

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