Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was much later than normal this past year but we had a great time decorating eggs, doing our annual egg hunt, and serving a lot of services at church! I can't seem to find our egg decorating pictures, but here are some of the hunt and easter outfits. 


 This is my favorite easter egg from this year!
 This Easter we did our egg hunt upstairs because the boys have moved downstairs. It was fun, we even hid eggs in the bathrooms!
 Kyle found his basket in the shower!
 Conner found his on our bed behind pillows. Callie's was out in the open (she is still little!)
 Dad left each one of them some of their eggs spelling the first letter in their name!

This is not a great picture of us (can you say double chin?), but the kids thought it was fun none the less. We really had a great Easter this year... so much to celebrate and a reminder of how amazing our God is!!!

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