Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Part three

I wasn't sure if I should say day three because it has been a week since the last bit of progress on our remodel so part three it is.
Orginally we planned not to change the lighting, but after the string on the ceiling fan ran into Jim's head one too many times, he decided it was worth it to make the trip to the attic!
We moved the ceiling fan to over where the table will be and removed the old can lights that didn't work well there. Then we took that power supply and used it for some pendants to hang over the soon to be island.
Of course, that meant the chandlier type light that used to be hanging the kitchen looked funny. Se we changed that out for a smaller more traditional light that matched the pendants.  Now all of our lights in the kitchen match with the glass and brsuhed nickel finish.
Then we took the light that was in the kitchen and put it in the laundry room. That is AWESOME because it always seemed dark in there (not anymore!!!).
Here are some pictures of this progress: 

When we made the first two changes, I felt very nervous about it and it took me days to adjust. THe lighting, however, felt so good right away.  It pulls the room together.  Looks kind of funny now, but you start to get the feeling of how it is going to be!

Late this week, we are supposed to get the drywall installed and the ceiling repaired.  That will really change the feel.   So hopefully you will see pictures of step four this weekend!

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